Some future plans for our gardening HQ

Our big garden at 10 Wardieburn Road, is the main base that we work from. Before the pandemic we were open 3 days a week, hosting gardening drop in sessions for anyone who'd like to get involved, though this is currently much more restricted (we do now have an open gardening club on Wednesday afternoons 1pm-3pm). We provide resources, support, advice and encouragement to anyone gardening in the area (especially if you're interested in growing food). The garden also hosts the freeshop, and the chicken cooperative, as well as being a space where people work together to grow a wide range of fruit, vegetables and herbs. It's a great place to learn and try things out, make friends, and (often) find some calm in the neighbourhood.

The land is currently owned by the Council. We were given permission to develop the site as a community garden following the demolition of the old Granton Early Years Centre building in 2018, following the construction of the new centre on Pilton Drive North.

We have plans to pursue an Asset Transfer for ownership of this site, this would mean that it would become community owned land, with local people having direct control over how it is used and developed for the long term. Granton Community Gardeners is eligible to do this as a Community Controlled Organisation, which means that only those resident in a defined area* and over 18, are eligible to be voting members. Membership is free and open to anyone over 12 (wherever you live). The only requirement is that you support the organisation and our charitable aims**.

Ownership of this site, would enable us to make long term plans for how to create the best community garden possible for the long term, and to develop some essential facilities, such as toilets, catering facilities, a base for staff, an indoor workshop space, and shelter for visiting groups. Maybe you have more ideas?

If you do (or don't) support us in pursuing community ownership of our big community garden, please get in touch. You can also email us at:

It's helpful if we can show how many people support us, and if you don't we'd like to know why too..

A big thank you to everyone who filled in our community survey this Spring, the results are here.

Watch this space!

*our defined area is:

The area is bounded by (and inclusive of the streets mentioned), the sea, Wardie Steps, Granton Road, Ferry Road (numbers 400-740), West Granton Access Road, and Waterfront Broadway with a line extending directly to the coast.

**our charitable aims are:

    1. To support the advancement of a well functioning community with an increasingly healthy social, environmental, and economic fabric. Particularly by creating opportunities for people to meet together around food (growing cooking and eating) and by supporting those who take initiative on this.

    2. To promote environmental improvement, including protecting and increasing biodiversity, by creatively imagining the best uses for our open spaces, and by caring for these spaces, particularly community gardens.

    3. To advance health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, by:

                  1. facilitating and supporting access to gardening opportunities, and other community events.

                  2. contributing to improved diet through increased access to, and availability of, fresh local produce.

    4. To advance education and skills, particularly related to food (growing, cooking, and eating).

If you'd like to join us, click below!