Everything we have achieved together has been due to a huge amount of community support. A big thank you to everyone who has ever leant a hand in one of the gardens or at one of the events. Special thanks to those who have put in thousands of hours voluntary work in all weathers over the years: you know who you are! Thanks also to all who have ever shouted an encouraging word over the fence, filled a watering can at your kitchen sink, or brought along cups of tea!

People don't always speak well of Granton, but we know that there is great community here, and the gardens and meals are some evidence of that.

A big thank you also to all our organisational partners, who have worked with us to host events, or have let us shelter in your buildings!

Special thanks also, to the photographers who have contributed images for this site: Tom Kirby, Georgia Forsyth, and Anneleen Lindsay. (all image rights reserved).

And finally, we are very grateful to everyone who has ever donated any amount of money to us, and to our grant funders.